Do You Want To Be Normal?

In working with clients, one of the oddest and most common hurdles I have with them is getting them to see a genuinely better life for themselves. They can only imagine a life that’s marginally better which usually translates to being out of pain or out of a current predicament. If they stretch their imaginations too much and try to envision a life where they actually feel happy, gratified, connected and amply rewarded they can’t relate to it. It’s not for them.

Many clients work with issues surrounding wealth and material accumulation. They want more money, a better car or just more stuff. And that’s fine. Having more money and more stuff allows you to have more and better or at least different experiences. However only a fool thinks money and stuff are the only ingredient you need for a happy life which is what everybody really wants. All our desires for tangible goods boil down to wanting intangible happiness.

The problem I see is that even after they see how to get happiness and stay happy, my clients often don’t do the necessary steps. If they are no longer miserable they stop doing the work, the work being EFT. Not being miserable is all they let themselves have/be.

Happiness means different things to different people but it is not simply the absence of misery. Happiness will never be perpetual on this planet however most people can’t even imagine a life of frequent happiness. They settle for normal.

Normal lives are usually OK. For most people, normal isn’t spectacular but it is serviceable and tolerable. But normal in our society usually is not fulfilling or exciting.

Ending feelings of misery are certainly a worthy and attainable goal for most people but stopping at that point shortchanges them and their lives. Even though they have learned how to improve their mental and emotional state, they stop tapping because they settle. They can’t imagine feeling any better than not miserable so they stop doing EFT until they experience something painful again. Their lack of imagination is as unfortunate as their lack of persistence.

If you really want to be normal, fine. But please, look around you. Look at what normal is our society. Do you really want to be normal?

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