Fixing Polarity Reversals

If you aren’t getting great results with EFT or if your results are inconsistent, you might have a polarity reversal .

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, your chi, or life energy, is supposed flow through the meridians in one direction only. If you have a polarity reversal your energy runs backwards. Like the psychological reversal, people with a polarity reversal have trouble responding well to EFT. They may get some benefit however it’s not long lasting.

Many people have sporadic polarity reversals. It can reverse for a minute or two and then correct itself. Other people’s energy runs backward almost all the time no matter what they are thinking or feeling. Some common causes of polarity reversals include allergies, environmental toxins, overexposure to EMFs, chronic stress, dehydration, awful jobs and bad marriages.  People with long-standing, acute polarity reversals are often discombobulated and spacey. They may also be dyslexic. People with debilitating chronic diseases have a greater likelihood of having a long-term polarity reversal. 

Polarity reversals are often confused or conflated with psychological reversals. When you have a polarity reversal, your energy is running backward. When you have a psychological reversal you have a long-standing belief getting in the way of your healing.


When polarity reversals are a problem treat them with the collarbone breathing method. It only takes couple minutes and you will usually feel better immediately after doing this procedure whether or not you have a reversal.

collarbone breathing to fix polarity reversals in EFT
Location of the collarbone points, aka K27.

First you need to find the gamut point. Spread your fingers as far apart as you can. The tendons of your pinky and ring finger form a V on the back of your hand.  The gamut point is right inside the angle of that V.

Second you need find the collarbone point. The collarbone point is located between the collarbone and the first rib. And it is right off the sternum. It’s normally a very tender spot. You have a collarbone point on both sides.

Now you put your RIGHT index and middle fingertips on the RIGHT collarbone spot.

Tap the gamut point on the back of your right hand gently with the other hand. While you continue to tap:

1. Inhale all the way and hold it for seven taps.

2. Exhale halfway and hold it for seven taps.

3. Exhale completely and hold it for seven taps.

4. Inhale halfway and hold it for seven taps.

5. Breathe normally for seven taps.

Now put the right hand on the left collarbone spot and repeat the five steps above.

Now bend your fingers so your fingernails and knuckles of the right hand are on the right collarbone spot.  Tap the gamut point and repeat the five steps above.

Now do all the same steps and breathing sequences but with the left hand on those same spots.

The whole routine is very easy to remember after you’ve done it once or twice. People who are frequently reversed would benefit by doing the collarbone breathing technique a few times a day whether they do any other tapping or not. 

If your tapping isn’t producing results, treat for polarity reversals and see if that helps.

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