Spiritual Experiences With EFT

Every once in awhile, you can have a tapping session that blows you away. You may even think you feel the presence of your guides, or the Universe or God. If it isn’t God, at the very least, it’s something much larger than yourself. These experiences are very blissful.

You can’t control when this will happen. These occurrences happen with no warning. I wish I could make them happen more predictably and more often. I also haven’t found the one setup phrase that works on everyone. What makes one person feel the presence of God does nothing to someone else.

Another problem is that these feelings eventually fade. Eventually you will come back to Earth.

Bliss is attainable with EFT.

This leads to another problem; like a good drug high, you can become addicted to spiritual highs. They feel so good and life seems so right and perfect when you in them. And when you come down, you want another. This is how cults and religions get and keep new members.

You may know some people who attend every workshop their budget and time allows. They are often referred to as “energy junkies” or “workshop addicts.” They’ve experienced that rare and natural state of bliss and want it again. It’s like their souls have been starved all their lives and they suddenly have a spiritual Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. They don’t want to leave the table even when the dinner is over.

Of course, the obvious way to treat that is to tap on it. You can tap on the feelings of longing if that’s what you are experiencing but I’ve found that many people can avoid feeling that way if they just tap regularly. If you can’t tap every day, tap at least a few times a week. It doesn’t have to be about anything specific either. Tapping on your run of the mill issues is good enough. While not bliss inducing, having just tapped is a pleasant enough state for most people to not crave the spiritual highs.

And if you can’t tap every day, tap on that. A round of tapping takes less than a minute once you have the method memorized. You can do a couple rounds before getting out of bed. You can even do it while on the toilet. You can tap at a traffic light on the way to work. The people in the cars next to you might look at you funny but what do you care? You’re not likely to see them again. And if it bothers you, tap on it.

My latest book, Manifesting From The Heart: Using Heart Energy to Achieve Reality Transformation is the result of some sessions that led me to experience what could only be described as a transcendental experience. It is based on questions I had about why the Law of Attraction didn’t seem to work for me. If you have wondered why trying to use the Law of Attraction hasn’t produced the results you wanted, this book could have the answers you are looking for.

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