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Natural Stress Relief with EFT

The Emotional Freedom Techniques are your way to the fast natural stress relief.  Just watching the news can cause you stress. You need to reduce your stress before it takes a serious toll on your life and your health. With EFT you can immediately take action steps (if needed) to better manage the stress in your life.

  • According to a study in Europe, 1 out of 3 workers said they were under stress.
  • A study in the England in 2004 found that 1 out of 5 people felt their jobs were so stressful it made them physically sick.
  • Work-related stress in England accounted for over 13 million lost working days in a year.
  • According to a Boston University study, women who avoided conflict with their husband increased their chance of heart disease and early death by 400 percent. Avoiding their stress actually increased their stress levels.
  • An article in the American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology reported that prolonged exposure to certain stressors can result in permanent, negative changes to the body’s sympathetic nervous system, including blood pressure and heart rate. Those stressors include things like bullying, a stressful job and family-related issues.
  • A Florida State University study found long term stress increased depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Long term stress has also been linked to weight gain particularly belly fat.

Stress manifests itself in many physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms, which can include headaches, fatigue, feelings of being out of control, and insomnia. It has also been estimated that 75 to 95 percent of all illness are psychosomatic in origin. That origin is stress. Luckily for you, you can learn EFT and reduce your stress very quickly and easily.

It is important to limit the easily controllable elements that can cause or add to your stress. A bad diet creates physical stress. While sugar may give you a temporary boost in your mood, it ultimately causes way more problems than it solves. Lack of sleep also causes physical stress and lowers your ability to handle emotional stress. And then stress keeps you up at night so it becomes a vicious circle.

Once you have taken care of the lifestyle factors under your control, you will still probably find yourself needing stress relief.  EFT provides quick, easy, natural, drug-free stress relief in seconds. Click here  and learn to tap. If you want more complete directions, get my book, Transform Your Life With EFT for Kindle.

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