Manifesting From The Heart

If the law of attraction isn’t making any sense to you, my latest book, Manifesting From The Heart: Using Heart Energy to Achieve Reality Transformation may help you understand it better. When it comes to creating your reality, not all thoughts are created equal. Some thoughts have a lot more power than others. This book was was inspired after a particularly intense tapping session dealing with the law of attraction. This tapping session went in directions I never expected and led to insights deeper than anything I had ever gotten from any  tapping session previously.  After the session, I was in a profound state of bliss that lasted for hours. What was revealed to me during that session was absolutely amazing and changed the way I look at manifesting.

After that session I couldn’t rest until I had written about what I discovered. I had more to share than I could fit in articles on my website. My new awareness was so complete yet so simple. But it was so simple, it was difficult to describe. It took me many months to figure out how to adequately explain it.  During that time, I had more tapping sessions that expanded on what this initial life-altering session revealed. The book kept changing as I learned more. Despite the ever unfolding knowledge, the basic precepts stayed the same.  The law of attraction does work but you have to know which of your thoughts do the creating.  It’s not necessarily the ones you think the most about or concentrate the hardest on or with the most emotion.

Years ago, I experienced some catastrophic, messy events that totally upended my life and pretty much shattered and destroyed all the plans I had for my life.  Ever since then I had been asking myself, “Why me? What did I do to deserve this?”  My new understandings about how life works and how reality manifests are found in my latest book, Manifesting From The Heart: Using Heart Energy to Achieve Reality Transformation

What I learned was that life isn’t simply a mirror of your inner state.  Your life mirrors back to you what you believe love is. As you change your relationship and beliefs about love, your life will reflect it.

The book uses EFT a lot which  shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who read my first book, Transform Your Life With EFT.  Even if you aren’t familiar with EFT, and even if you haven’t looked at the page on this site that tells you how to do it, you will find complete instructions in the book.  EFT will help you uncover your unconscious beliefs about love that are controlling your life and your ability to consciously harness the law of attraction.

Manifesting From The Heart: Using Heart Energy to Achieve Reality Transformation is a revised version of my previously released book, How You Love Is How You Live.
Manifesting From The Heart is also available from Smashwords in a number of formats.

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