How To Do EFT

All the basics of EFT are right here on this page. It is easy to learn and easy to do but once you apply it to your problems, you’ll see it’s effectiveness seems almost miraculous.

After you learn the five simple steps, your biggest stumbling block to using EFT is likely to be how to begin. What problem are you going to treat first?

If you’ve never done EFT before, try starting with something easy. You know what your big issues are so avoid them while you’re still getting comfortable with learning and memorizing (yes, memorizing) the five steps.

The most important thing is to start someplace. There is no one right way to begin. There is no one right way to address a problem. There is nothing you should do first. Give it your best shot and see what happens. If you do something wrong, the worst that can happen is nothing changes.


The Five Steps of EFT

1. The Setup

Decide what feeling, emotion or pain you wish to treat. Be specific.

2. The SUDS Level

SUDS stands for Subjective Units of Distress. Rate the intensity of your discomfort on scale from 1-10. A rating of 1 means it barely registers while a 10 means it hurts so much you can’t think of anything else. Rate the feeling as it exists NOW.

3. The Affirmation or Setup Phrase

You want to find the sore spot which is located on your pectoral muscles, a couple inches in from the top of your armpit crease. It’s called a sore spot because it’s actually a sore spot for most people when they rub it.

Lightly rub the sore spot in a circular motion while repeating three times,

 Even though I have this ________, I deeply and completely accept myself.

This is considered the standard affirmation but it’s by no means the only usable affirmation. A lot of people resist saying they deeply and completely accept themselves. Say the affirmation with feeling even if you don’t believe it.

If you are in a situation where saying the affirmation out loud might cause a problem, you can say it silently.

4. The Tapping
Gently and quickly tap each of the seven points as shown on the chart below about seven to ten times. Tapping harder or longer doesn’t make this process work better or faster.

As you tap, state out loud this ____________.

Fill in the blank with whatever word(s) you used to fill in the blank in the affirmation. Don’t say the entire affirmation while you tap.





1. Under Eyebrow

2. Side of the eye

3. Under Eye

4. Under Nose

5. Chin

6. Under the Collarbone

7. Under Arm


5. The Re-evaluation

Revisit what you just treated and give it a new SUDS rating. If your SUDS level has gone down or stayed the same, redo the above steps but change your affirmation to

Even though I still have some of this _________, I deeply and completely accept myself.

If the feeling, pain, emotion or condition you are treating has changed to something different after tapping, as it often does, give the new feeling a SUDS rating and re-do steps 3 -5.

If additional issues pop up during a session, treat them. Don’t quit too soon. Don’t settle for feeling just a little better. Keep tapping until your SUDS level is at 0 and you feel really good about your issue.

For a downloadable copy of these instructions CLICK HERE.

Happy tapping.

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