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PEAT For Deep Problems

Here’s another technique called the Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence aka PEAT. It is the creation of Zivorad Slavinski. It’s similar to EFT in that is uses tapping points but you don’t tap. You hold your fingers on the points instead. And it isn’t done solo. You need someone working with you.

The goal of PEAT is to eradicate polarities in your life. Most people have some main polarity in their life. They keep going from one extreme to its opposite. It tends to persist in their lives. It’s a constant boom-or-bust swing. It isn’t always obvious but once you find it, you’ll wonder how you missed it.

Your start a PEAT session just like an EFT session. You think of some situation in your life that’s causing you problems. Then you do the steps below.

At some point, you may (or may not) find yourself contemplating a polarity in your life. You will have two thoughts you regard as true for you but they contradict each other. That’s when you do the PEAT steps listed below.

1. Establish the nature of the problem or non-optimum situation.

2. Define problem in client’s own words. Use those exact words in session.

3. Establish a goal for the session.

4. Begin session with affirmation – fingers on “heart spot.” (This point is on the sternum. It’s where you point to yourself when you say the word, “me.”)

Even though I have this (Problem stated in client’s own words), I completely love and accept myself, my body and my personality and the fact that I have this (Problem stated in client’s own words).

5. Have client apply gentle pressure to the eyebrow point. Instruct client, “Fully experience problem in client’s words. Don’t resist it.”

6. After 5-30 seconds (be intuitive — be present with the client and make your own judgment) instruct the client to “Inhale and exhale.”

7. Say to the client, “Tell me what is happening.”

8. If the client reports that nothing is happening, have them apply pressure to the next EFT point and repeat steps 5-7.

9. Assess the information the client gives you…is it a:

These you want
a. Sensation
b. Emotion
c. Thought
d. Image picture

These you don’t want

e. Distractor – The client talks about something totally irrelevant to the session.

f. Analysis – The client starts to “figure out” what’s going on.

g. “Nothing is happening”. – When the client says, “nothing is happening”
something usually is happening. Ask what is happening. Sometimes the client isn’t getting the results they are expecting so they say “nothing is happening.”

During this part- ALWAYS LOOK FOR A POLARIZATION!! That’s when the client expresses a problem with two sides that seem to be opposites.

10. Take new/next item and repeat steps 3 through 10 until client achieves pleroma state or merging of primes. Pleroma is a state of bliss. PEAT, done right, leads to this pleroma.

When the processor identifies a polarity in the client:

1. List items: Item one and Item two

2. Put fingers on “heart spot” and say

Even though I have this (Item one and Item two) at the same time, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, my body and my personality and the fact that I have this (Item one and Item two) at the same time.

3. Move client to eyebrow point and say, “Fully experience both Item one and Item two at the same time.”

Polarities will shift, or other charged item will move in and the client will depolarize.

If another item moves in, take it and run it as the next item.

If polarities shift, have client report what the polarities are doing now and take that as the next item. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

Polarities may shift as few as 1-2 times or they may shift many times. They may merge but still be separate — the client will know if this is happening.

At some point they will merge and become one. They frequently disappear. This is the end of session phenomena.

Note: When polarization occurs the processor should keep the client’s attention on them. Do not force it, but gently ask it they are present.

If the polarities merge and disappear, the next question to ask is “What is left?”

When the client reports a positive emotion the affirmation is changed to reflect the fact that it is a positive.

I have this positive emotion and therefore I completely love and accept myself, my body and personality and the fact that I have this positive emotion.

Do not end just because the client feels a positive emotion. The session isn’t officially over until a polarity is found and neutralized. Neutralization will always be a pleasant state. If the client isn’t happy, something still needs to be run.

Even though there’s a chart on the other page, here’s another one showing you all the tapping points. It’s an EFT chart so it doesn’t show the “me” spot. It’s between the sore spot and the number 6.